DJ Envy’s Business Partner Cesar GOES LIVE … Explains That Envy Was NOT GUILTY Of Anything!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Breakfast Club co-host DJ Envy is in the midst of a pretty big legal battle. People who were allegedly scammed by Cesar Pena, a man who partnered with DJ on a speaking business.

The victims claim that DJ Envy was not in real estate partnership with Cesar, he should be responsible for losses that they suffered while partnering with Cesar.

Now Cesar is speaking out – for the first time since the scandal broke, and he’s completely exonerated the Breakfast Club host.

In the Live, Cesar implies that he may soon be going to prison, but that “it doesn’t matter. Because according to the alleged fraudster, he’ll “get all [the money] back when he gets out.”

Media Take Out reviewed the entire Live, and Cesar did not seem apologetic to those claiming that he defrauded them out of millions. According to Cesar, many of those investors are either lying or misinformed.

He also gave ominous news on their prospects for getting their money back. Cesar told the audience that because of the criminal filing, there’s an automatic “stay” by the courts on his lawsuits – meaning they will have to wait years to get anything from those suits.

But most importantly, Cesar spoke about DJ Envy, and he told the watchers that DJ Envy was not a part of any of the deals where fraud is being alleged.

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