DJ Envy WILL Cooperate With Feds In Fraud Case Against Cesar Pina!!

Lyndon Abioye |

DJ Envy’s business partner Cesar Pina is facing wire fraud charges after allegedly swindling investors out of millions of dollars…and DJ Envy will reportedly cooperate with the prosecution.

“DJ Envy is a victim of the purported fraudulent real estate scheme and sits in the same shoes of the other victims, and, of course, he will assist and cooperate to get his investment back, along with those of the other alleged victims,” DJ Envy’s attorney Massimo D’Angelo told XXL.

Envy has denied any knowledge of Pina’s crimes and has also claimed innocence.

“Let me explain some things. So Cesar and myself did seminars. Now, the reason I did these seminars is because I wanted to uplift my community. I wanted to teach my community about real estate. Things that I didn’t know when I was buying my first home. So I did these seminars and brought industry professionals to all these seminars, whether it was real estate agents from different markets, contractors, money lenders. I even brought to actually show people how to purchase houses online,” he explained on The Breakfast Club.

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