DJ Envy Responds To Gunplay: You Gotta Be Smarter!!

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DJ Envy responded to Gunplay after the rapper posted a video of a recorded conversation between them.

Gunplay is mad at Envy for bringing up his GoFundMe account to raise funds for his daughter’s medical bills. Envy was taking shots at Rick Ross and mentioned the Gunplay but the diss was not aimed at Gunplay.

Gunplay is demanding a public apology. Envy hinted that he may be taking legal action against him.

“I didn’t mention his wife and child, and I didn’t put the information about his GoFundMe; he did. I didn’t let that cat out the bag,” DJ Envy said on The Breakfast Club. “He talked about it. It was something that was a story that was reported. So, I didn’t talk about any of that. When Gunplay called me, because he’s a friend to the room and he was upset at first, you can tell he was upset at. First, I’m like ‘he’s a friend.'” So, like speaking to any friend who’s upset, so I let him go. I let him vent and afterwards we had a discussion and said ‘If your wife was offended, that wasn’t my intent and I apologize.'”

Dj Envy continued: “Another thing people gotta understand, too. And this is a side note. It is against the law to record someone’s phone conversation and not tell them. Florida is where this happened. Under Florida statute 93403, ‘secretly audio recording of another individual is a third-degree felony offense, punishable up to five years in prison and a fine.’ So now, district attorneys in Florida been calling me like crazy because you are not allowed to tape someone’s phone call and put it out. You gotta be smarter.”

Is DJ Envy about to file a lawsuit?

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