DJ Envy Asked To Produce Documents Related To Cesar Pina Bankruptcy Case

Tiffany Brockworth |

DJ Envy has been asked, via a subpoena, to help get information on Cesar Pina’s bankruptcy case and hand over the documents requested.

According to court reporter Meghann Cuniff, Envy has until Jan. 8 to produce all documents requested by a court-appointed trustee overseeing Pina’s company Whairhouse LLC.

The company went bankrupt four months ago. He needs to hand over the paperwork or risk time in jail.

Pina is facing allegations against him of financial mismanagement involving his clients’ funds and by default, DJ Envy’s name has been dragged into the controversy because they are business partners. But DJ Envy has NOT been charged or accused of any crimes.

But both Pina and Envy say that The Breakfast Club DJ was not involved in any fraud.

“I honestly don’t know that’s between them and whatever happened. But did I say, ‘There, take this money and give it to this person or do this with this money?’ I never did,” Envy said on Instagram Live. “If you ever came to my seminar, I tell everybody, ‘Everybody on this stage, whether it’s credit, prepare, or it’s a conventional lender, do your homework because I don’t trust anybody.’ If you’ve been to my seminars, I say that a million times.”

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