DJ Envy Checks Tyrese Over Wife Disrespect

Lyndon Abioye |

Tyrese returned to The Breakfast Club to repair his relationship with the hosts after he went off on DJ Envy a while back.

“When we talk on these private chats that have nothing to do with the public, but who you were and how you speak and how you talk about the people next to you, I didn’t respect it. To the point where I blocked you on my chat because I didn’t want to see Tyrese as that. That wasn’t the man that was my brother,” Envy told Tyrese, who told him he could not remember the details.

“When you get drunk, do you hold your boy to what he’s saying while he’s drunk? Do you hold anybody to what they’re doing knowing that this is their usual self?” Tyrese questioned.

Envy then pressed the host about disrespecting his wife.

“I never had a conversation with you because I never wanted to see you like that. The person who spoke to my wife during that time with texts, I didn’t like that. And I wanted to remember Tyrese as a brother that helped my relationship. Not the Tyrese that was going through it, so I took a step back. I didn’t know what you were going through and I tried to talk to you and I seen who you were. When I seen how you were talking this way, I said I’m gonna take a step back.”

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