DJ Envy Argues With Eboni K. Williams Over Bus Driver Comments

Lyndon Abioye |

DJ Envy and Eboni K. Williams argued during a recent episode of The Breakfast Club, after Eboni’s previous comments that she would not date a bus driver.

Eboni faced backlash and Envy challenged her during the show.

“To understand what people were mad about. How do you talk about how much you’re uplifting and going for Black people when that’s not even what you’re looking for?”

Eboni responded, “I would love to know DJ Envy how you know what I’m looking for,” she joked.

Envy defended “average people,” and how hard they work.

“DJ Envy you’re dead ass wrong for framing it as me sh-tting on them” Eboni responded. “More than I care about hurt feelings, I care about providing my people with facts and information that say that the current way of life for the majority of Black Americans is not serving us.”

Eboni says she understands the backlash but that “I am naming it… I’m acknowledging the pain, but somebody has got to start telling the truth to our people.”

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