DJ Drama Feels ‘Terrible’ For Removing Nicki Minaj’s Verse Off Gucci Mane ‘Gangsta Grillz’ Tape

Lyndon Abioye |

DJ Drama once removed Nicki Minaj’s verse off Gucci Mane’s first mixtape because she wasn’t “poppin'” in hip-hop yet.

Speaking on “The Bootleg Kev Podcast,” he was aked about the incident. He says he still regrets the decision to this day.

“We actually did one with Yo Gotti first. It was called ‘Definition Of A G.’ That was the first tape me and Gucci had did together. It was a collaboration, Gotti, Gucci and me. The first official Gucci Mane’ Gangsta Grillz’ was called ‘The Movie.’ When he brought it to me the first song that was for the tape, the first voice you heard on the tape was Nicki Minaj,” he told Bootleg Kev.

He says he was able to make it up to her later.

“Obviously, this is an early Nicki Minaj…And disrespectfully, I felt like we can’t have a ‘Gangsta Grillz’ with me and Gucci and the first voice you hear not be Gucci. So I removed her verse from that song, I feel terrible ’til this day. In defense, I will say that I made sure out of everyone, that Nicki Minaj was on ‘Dedication 3’ because Nicki Minaj was about to get left off of ‘Dedication 3.’ She was calling me directly saying ‘Dram, please don’t let the tape come out without me on there.’ and I said ‘I got you.’ So Nicki Minaj is on ‘Dedication 3’ directly because I made sure she was on there.”

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