DJ Akademiks Speaks On Drake Trying To Downplay His Jewish Roots

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DJ Akademiks says Canadian rapper Drake should be embracing his Jewish more than he is.

Drizzy, whose mother is Jewish, has not said a word about the war between Israel and Palestine. Many other celebrities who are not even of the Jewish faith have been vocal…but Drake has not spoken on it even once.

“I can’t wait to tell people I’m Jamaican all the time. Do you think that Drake, at this point, is trying to let like… is he wearing the fact that he’s Jewish on his back?,” Ak asked DJ Vlad. “Not saying he’s not, but I don’t think that…I think he’s got away from tryin’ to be the, ‘Hey, this is the Jewish rapper.’”

DJ Vlad put Drake on blast recently for not speaking up.

“It’s a serious topic. And when I sat back and looked at it, I was like, Drake is the most famous Jewish person on Earth … and Khaled is the most famous Palestinian in the world. But neither one of them has said anything about this at all. Drake is doing this whole thing where he’s literally writing paragraphs about Joe Budden because his feelings were hurt about an album review,” he concluded. “So it’s not like they don’t have time. This shit runs deep.”

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