DJ Akademiks SLAMS Lil Yachty’s Stance On Drake & Kendrick Lamar Beef

Lyndon Abioye |

DJ Akademiks called out Lil Yachty for his take on Drake’s beef with Kendrick Lamar.

Akademiks thinks Yachty kept it too real and that Drizzy needs “delusional” friends around him who won’t be so quick to tell the truth.

“Yachty, and I f*ck with you, but I gotta agree with this fan. If I’m Drake, I need a delusional friend with me,” said Ak.

“I need the friend that I’m mad drunk in the club with and I’m stumbling all over the place and I stepped on somebody’s foot by mistake but then that person shoves me and rather than tryna figure it out like, ‘Oh, actually you stepped on his foot first,’ my delusional friend just comes over my shoulder with a punch. ‘Why the f*ck you touching Ak?!’ We can talk about the other sh*t later my n*gga. I need my delusional friends right now. That’s what we need. I’ma keep it a bean, Drake needs one of those.”

Yachty admitted that he didn’t think Drake won or lost the battle, but he thinks people were siding with Kendrick Lamar from the beginning.

“Drake dropped great records. But also, let’s be fair: Drake was deemed a loser in this battle before it started because people don’t like him and haven’t,” he said.

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