DJ Akademiks Says The Whole YSL Crew Is SNITCHING!!

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DJ Akademiks says the YSL crew is snitching left and right.

“YSL new name? YS-Tell. Everybody tellin’, OK?! Everybody tellin’. All that slime and slat sh-t, they basically going to prosecutors and singing agreements, n-gga,” Ak said on Twitch.

Ak continued, “It’s so interesting, that the rap community shunned 6ix9ine and acted like what 6ix9ine did was an anomaly. Yo, how could a n-gga act like a street n-gga and when got in problems, he was tellin’? Everybody didn’t like it.”

Tekashi 6ix9ine snitched on his entire crew to receive a shorter prison sentence.

“There’s something interesting about the street codes. You expect these dudes to uphold to a code, but they couldn’t uphold to the law. So they’re like, f-ck the laws, but I’ll uphold to street codes. Why did they do that? I don’t know. When it come to n-gga sh-t and gangs? There’s no consequences for snitchin’ in hip-hop culture!”

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