DJ Akademiks Says It’s “Weird” Kelsey Nicole Isn’t Mad At Tory Lanez Over Shooter Accusations

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DJ Akademiks watched Kelsey Nicole’s interview with The Danza Project which dropped on Sunday.

Kelsye Nicole was Megan Thee Stallion’s best friend at the time of the shooting in July 2020, but even though Lanez alluded to Kelsey being the shooter that night, Ak thinks it’s strange she isn’t mad at Lanez for the accusation.

“The weirdest thing about this whole thing with Kelsey, bruh, Kelsey, it ain’t like we making this sh-t up. Tory’s team is kind of throwing that out there. They’re like ‘You did it, n-gga.’ Now, he didn’t say that, but his team is kind of saying ‘Yo, ya’ll got the wrong person locked up. The real person who did it, she over there,'” said Ak.

He continued, “She seems to have no problem with that. That’s the weirdest part about it [and] that’s why everybody thinks you got paid off. ‘Cause the only reason why you wouldn’t have a problem with one group of people pointing the finger at you if is maybe you and them had an agreement.”

Both Lanez and Kelsey deny being the shooter.

Watch the clip above.

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