DJ Akademiks Says He’s Taking THE WHOLE INDUSTRY Down w/ Him!!

Lyndon Abioye |

DJ Akademiks claims he is innocent after an ex-girlfried filed a civil lawsuit against him for r-pe and defamation…but Ak warned that if he goes down, he’s taking everyone down with him.

“Is it possible that that person who’s really seeing the money grab was really the Diddy stuff? And who was the biggest n-gga that covered the Diddy stuff? That lawyer allegedly reached out to some people of mine saying, ‘If Ak continues to doubt what we are purporting against Diddy, remember, we can file a lawsuit on him too,'” he said to his viewers.

Ak guessed the lawyer behind the lawsuit was Tyrone Blackburn, who filed Lil Rod’s lawsuit against Diddy and also lawsuits against T.I. and Tiny Harris.

Ak says he wont be keeping any secrets if he goes down.

“Let me tell you this about everyone in the industry: if Ak ever goes down, y’all going down with me. ‘Cause I hold no secrets for nobody.”

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