DJ Akademiks ROASTS Playboi Carti’s Bodysuit

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DJ Akademiks hopped on his stream to react to pictures of Playboi Carti circulating the internet of the rapper wearing what looked to be a thong.

On closer inspection, Ak worked out that Carti was not wearing a thong but a Fashina Nova-style bodysuit.

“You basically button it at the bottom, which means Carti gotta button the sh-t under his balls. This sh-t is wild. This s-ht is wild. Imma be honest with you, to keep it real, I was expecting,” a confused Ak told his viewers.

He continued, “Is this his boxers? Bro, it’s a onesie. The onesie is even worse than the thong, bro. Like, my n-gga actually walked out of the store like he was on some Ice Spice sh-t. Like he was just shaking a-s in the deli.”

After Playboi’s outfit went viral, folks on Twitter tried to @ his baby mama, Iggy Azalea.

“Imagine Iggy Azalea coming home. She got the baby. This n-gga over here playing PlayStation with Lil Uzi Vert, and they are trying on f-cking bodysuits while she over here gotta take care of the baby. This n-gga not doing a muthaf-ckin thing but playing with her makeup, painting this face, trying on women’s clothes. Doing all types of sh-t that she supposed to be doing,” he joked.

Watch Ak’s reaction above.

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