DJ Akademiks RIPS Lil Baby’s Crew: They’re ALL LIARS!!

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DJ Akademiks went on a Twitter rant yesterday, blasting Lil Baby’s new single “Heyy,” and the Atlanta rapper’s whole crew.

In a series of tweets, Ak broke down why Lil Baby is falling off…and told the rapper that rapping about falling off won’t reverse it, that he needs to make better music.

Ak blames his crew for allowing Baby to put out mid music.

“5th. Look around at everybody in the studio this day you previewed this song,” AK wrote in one of the tweets. “They are all liars. This should have never left the Engineer headphones.”

He continued, “6th. Consolidate ur tour. U can clearly do Arenas in some places… but money tight for a lot of these post PPP fans who broke now and Everybody n they mama is out doing a arena tour in the next 6 months. Keep in mind yall charging same price as rolling loud which a nigga can see 50 artists for same price.”

Lil Baby had to cancel several tour dates at venues that were not selling. In a Twitch stream, Ak partly blamed Live Nation for booking venues in cities where the rapper could not sell out.

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