DJ Akademiks Reveals How His Beef w/ Meek Mill Ended

DJ Akademiks revealed how his beef with Philly rapper Meek Mill came to an end. He says 21 Savage was responsible.

“Me and Meek cool. We good now. I believe we’re good. A wise man once told me, you don’t ever know if you’re really good with someone ’til you see them in person. But we did talk,” he told DJ Envy in an interview with The Breakfast Club.

“21 Savage did something I thought was very dope. He gave this explanation,” he said, ‘When two friends are going at it, if it goes far enough, you got to pick a side.’ And he basically said it was going to a point where he was going to be forced to be like, ‘Yo, are you really rocking with this n-gga Ak or you rocking over here?'”

At one point, the beef between them was so explosive, Meek tweeted that he would “green light” the blogger. But things have simmered down.

Ak continued, “He put us on the phone, and I got to salute Meek as well because I don’t think a younger Meek Mill would’ve been on the phone, and I think Meek has shown a little bit of growth,” he continued. “I was down to have a conversation with him for, like, 4 or 5 years. We’ve been on DMs, but it’s never been a real conversation. We did have a real conversation, and it was one of, ‘Let’s stop the petty bullsh-t to each other and if we’re not gonna be going all the way with it, let’s try to mend and build towards something that could be amicable.’ That don’t mean we’re going to be best friends in the club popping bottles, but we shouldn’t be at each other’s necks.”

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