DJ Akademiks Responds To New R*pe & Defamation Lawsuit!!

Lyndon Abioye |

DJ Akademiks hopped online to speak to his fans and address a new lawsuit filed against him for r-pe.

The internet personality has been accused by an ex of being sexually assaulted by two of his friends before he allegedly r-ped her, too.

“I’m not even hiding and ducking from a situation or ducking from the narrative that happened. I pretty much told everything and also I told the truth. The police came, they looked, we gave them everything. Pretty much everything is documented, caught on videotape,” he said on Livestream. “They got to see it with their own two eyes. We’re officially clear: we could not bring any criminal charges. [I] are not criminally liable but also anybody else in the situation was also cleared.”

Akademiks spoke on the incident back in December. He revealed the incident, which happened by his pool, had been caught on security camera at his home. Police have already investigated the incident, watched the tapes, and closed the case.

According to Ak, the woman consensually engaged in a threesome with the man while he was out of the home. 

The new lawsuit is a civil lawsuit and not criminal. He says the evidence will clear him. Ak is also being sued for defamation.

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