DJ Akademiks Reacts To K0dak Black Rock-Throwing Incident

Lyndon Abioye |

DJ Akademiks hopped on his livestream to weigh in on Kodak Black’s rock-throwing incident this week.

The rapper went viral after he was captured on camera throwing rocks at a reporter and a photojournalist who were trying to get pics of his as he was finally released from jail.

The photojournalist was hit in the ribs with the rocks. They filed a police report and have the entire interaction on camera which could spell more legal trouble for Yak.

Ak watched a local news report and slammed Yak for not having a better team around him. According to Akademiks, once celebrities reach a certain level of fame, it is impossible to “check” them, but Yak’s career will not survive if he surrounds himself with yes men.

Yak was freed from jail yesterday after a federal judge sentenced him to time served for a probation violation. Yak’s drug trafficking case from 2022 remains ongoing.

“Federal Probation terminated with time served,” Yak’s attorney Bradford Cohen wrote on Instagram ahead of his release. “In the Southern District of Florida Judge Maritnez dismissed all substantive counts and Kodak plead to sole violation of failure to report police contact. Time served and he should be released by tonight.”

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