DJ Akademiks Presses Adam22 Over Allowing Lena The Plug To Sleep With Jason Luv

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DJ Akademiks is still not over Adam22 allowing his wife Lena the Plug to sleep with porn star Jason Luv…her first adult feature with another man.

“If it was a situation where you never knew anybody else that’s ever been with her sexually, right? And you kind of felt like she was sexually exclusive to you, do you think you would’ve been open to this?” Ak asked.

“It might’ve been harder for me to open my mind to it, for sure. The reality is that, very early on in our relationship, like you say, me, her, and another dude who was a close friend of mine, we all ended up banging at the same time, and I thought it was hot. It was like a good memory from my perspective,” Adam22 responded.

The No Jumper boss says he’s “insentivised” to be more open-minded as he’s in the porn industry.

“I’m not gonna f-ck a dude, just for the record, so everybody knows,” he concluded. “But that’s what people are always getting at. For me, doing the biweekly live-streamed orgies and sh-t, it’s like ‘Well, this is not the sh-t that I saw myself doing with my life.’ But I’m incentivized to do it and I’m having a good time, so why not?”

Watch the clip above.

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