DJ Akademiks Goes off On Hip Hop OG’s AGAIN: Y’all Didn’t Do Nothin’!!

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After LL Cool J responded to his rant calling old rappers “dusty,” DJ Akademiks doubled down on his controversial take.

“A lot of n-ggas grew up watching you, and they all signed the same f-cked up deal,” he yelled on Twitch. “10-15 years later after you did. What the f-ck did you do, my n-gga[…] It’s not that I don’t respect older artists. It’s just that I know when it comes to business, yall didn’t do nothing.”

Ak was responding to LL Cool J calling him out over his earlier comments this week:

“Record companies didn’t even believe in it. Nobody believed in it. How can you make a 5-year plan or a 10-year plan on something that doesn’t even exist yet?” he said, explaining why many OG rappers are not as rich as Ak implies they should be.

Funk Flex has stepped in to try and get Cool J and Ak to sit down and talk things out.

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