DJ Akademiks DRAGGED For Doubling Down On Trump Support

Lyndon Abioye |

Donald Trump was found guilty on all charges related to his hush money trial but DJ Akademiks says he’s still voting for him.

“Donald Trump getting found guilty on 34 felony counts for paying off his side hoe… makes me wanna vote for dat n*gga even more. Not even gonna lie,” Ak wrote.

Fans were quick to bring up Akademiks’ own legal issues. Ak was recently sued for r*pe and defamation.

Fauziya Abashe claims she was assaulted numerous times his home in New Jersey. She says two of Ak’s friends drugged her and then she woke up to Akademiks having sex with her.

“You about to be a registered SO. You ain’t voting for nobody,” a follower commented under Ak’s post.

“Y’all out here acting like Trump is Mandela. Cut it out. Everytime a person of color is over charged or sentenced harshly or shot in the back by police….yall ask silly questions like why did he run?” another follower wrote. “Trump broke the law. 12 peers held him accountable. How you like them apples.”

Ak has denied all allegations against him and says he has already been cleared of any criminal charges.

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