DJ Akademiks Claims Ex-GF Stole $500k From Him

Lyndon Abioye |

DJ Akademiks is in hot water after his ex-girlfriend claims he sexually assaulted her with two of his friends.

But Ak denies assaulting her and says the police have already reviewed the footage and cleared all three of them…but he claims she once stole $500,000 in cash from him and that he still took her back.

“This is where you all would call me a simp, and I am going to take it. There was a time… don’t anymore…but there was a time when I had a million dollars cash in my crib. Do you know this b-tch stole half a million dollars from me, cash? Bro, I had money in different safes just sitting there. I gamble, so when I gamble, I pick the money up in cash. I am not counting it every day,” said Ak.

The podcaster then said, “One day, I said, let me try out my new money counter. You know I like counting my money and wrapping the bands around them s**ts. If you do not like that, I am sorry. When I was counting, I thought I should have at least $950,000, $900,000, but I only had $400,000.”

He said he realized a while later that his girlfriend had stolen from him after she made several large purchases and then he reviewed her Ring camera. He says he was able to get his cash back.

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