DJ Akademiks BLASTS “Wannabe Thug” Nicki Minaj!!

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DJ Akademiks ripped into Nicki Minaj after the rapper showed off her goons on social media.

Since marrying Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, Nicki has flaunted her ties to the Bloods.

“I don’t know nobody with a good story about Nicki. Nicki Minaj has continued to give a facade of her being a decent, nice person behind the scenes; for anybody who’s had real interactions with her, they realize that she doesn’t see anybody as someone that she should respect, definitely not as equals, definitely not as someone that she can’t control. And now, this is why I’m so happy that she’s being exposed, Nicki Minaj actually thinks that she’s a gangsta bully,” he said on his livestream.

“Nicki Minaj actually thinks that because she married a top-ranking Blood member of some set, she can threaten and intimidate people with that guy. She tried to do it to me.”

Ak then dissed Nicki’s husband who was placed on house arrest last week for threatening Cardi B’s husband Offset on social media.

“He only knows what he knows. He don’t know nothing about the music industry. He’s a crash dummy. He’s been crashed out multiple times before… there’s a reason he’s on federal probation,” said Ak.

Ak claims Nicki is using an “industry age” and that she’s 45 years old…and not 40 as she’s claiming.

“The problem here is Nicki. Nicki, while she’s approaching menopause, is trying to represent gangsterism. We see through this lame, wannabe thug persona you’re having at 45.”

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