DJ Akademiks Agrees To LL Cool J Sitdown

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DJ Akademiks has agreed to a sitdown with rapper LL Cool J.

“I’m down to talk to LL,” Ak said on The Breakfast Club. “T.I. reached out, too. We’re going to have an official talk. But it’s his birthday, so he didn’t want to do too much today.”

Akademiks caught heat after making comments about OG rappers.

“I was talking about passing on game,” Ak explained. “I was talking about educating the next generation rather than criticizing them. And I was like sometimes ya’ll don’t understand why they might not listen to ya’ll. One of the reasons they might not listen to ya’ll… ya’ll f-cked up whether it’s sign a contract, bad contract, or whatever pitfalls you kind of get into in this game if you never passed it on. You never passed that knowledge on.”

On his Twitch, Ak said: “Them old rappers, man. Have you seen any of these old rappers who be like, yo, they’re the foundation of Hip Hop really living good? Them n-ggas be looking really dusty, I kid you not. And none of y’all try to come for me ’cause I don’t f-ck with y’all n-ggas either, so I’m just telling y’all the truth.”

He continued, “Every time there be like an old, old n-gga talking about Hip Hop, you be like, ‘Yo, bro. You sure you invented this? ‘Cause everybody else is looking better than you.’ Facts!”

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