DJ Akademiks Addresses Resurfaced Clip: At No Point Did I Say I F*cked Anybody Under 17!!

DJ Akademiks hopped on Twitch to clear up the mess after an old clip resurfaced online.

Ak says the clip was taken out of context.

“What I was trying to say is either you’re 21 or 20 and someone’s like 17…this is only in the college dynamic, right? Because they put four years of kids together, just like they do in high school. I said usually there’s not much of difference. When you’re in college, you really don’t see the difference, and I still believe that. Now, of course there are some people who look like kids in college. That’s 100 percent. I’m not talking about those people,” he said.

He continued, “I say that because you don’t ask her age, bro […] In college and high school, you don’t ask her age. You might ask somebody that’s a freshman, but as long as they go to your school, you do not … it’s not that you want somebody under age, you just assume … if it ends up being that, it’s like yeah, that’s not what you wanted to do type sh-t. I don’t look at it as somebody deliberately looking for kids.”

Ak was actually talking about Tyga’s relationship with Kylie Jenner. At the time, Kylie was 17 and Tyga was 24.

“Eight years ago, I was doing a topic on my YouTube that says ‘Tyga ‘Denies Being In A Relationship With Kylie Jenner.’ This was when everybody knew Kylie and Tyga was f-cking around. Tyga was 24, Kylie was 17, OK? So this is the context, and this is what is important. At no point did I ever say I f-cked anybody under 17 or under 18. I was giving an example.”

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