Disney REMOVES Pregnant Halle Bailey From Oscar Consideration For LITTLE MERMAID!!

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The backlash from Halle Bailey’s pregnancy to rapper DDG is starting to have ramifications to her career. Media Take Out has learned that they just removed Halle from Oscar consideration, for Best Original Song.

Halle was all but certain to get an Oscar nomination for her performance. But now the pregnant young mom will have to stay at home, instead of attending the star studded event.

Disney songs typically perform EXTREMELY well at the Oscars, and Halle was a shoo-in to get a nomination, and appear at the Oscars (and maybe even win the award), if she was up for consideration. Media Take Out learned that Disney songs have been nominated for 42 Academy Awards for Best Original Song, winning 14.

Well as of today, Disney has officially removed Halle from consideration.

Earlier this month Disney submitted one original song from The Little Mermaid for Oscar consideration this year (“For the First Time”), performed by Halle Bailey.

Here’s a screenshot from Disney’s website, from a few weeks ago, showing that they submitted Halle’s song for Oscar consideration.

Yesterday Disney changed their website – and removed Halle from consideration, Here’s a screenshot from Disney’s website as of this morning, Media Taker Out confirmed:

But it’s not just Halle’s new pregnancy that could be problematic for Disney.

This year’s remake of The Little Mermaid was controversial, for other reasons. From the moment Disney cast Halle Bailey as Ariel, a very specific demographic of Disney “purists” found fault with the fact that Bailey was Black and Ariel was depicted as white in the original 1989 animation.

While Bailey’s performance was widely praised upon the film’s release, The Little Mermaid faced criticism due to its use (or, specifically, overuse) of CGI and its decision to censor some of the original lyrics in “Poor Unfortunate Souls” and “Kiss the Girl” to avoid offending contemporary audiences.

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