Disabled Chris Brown Fans Denies Reports Her Refunded Her Money For Meet & Greet

Tiffany Brockworth |

A fan of Chris Brown hopped online to shoot down reports that the singer refunded her ticket for a meet and greet and gave her an additional $10,000 because of her disability.

This woman paid $1,111 for a ‘Meet & Greet’ with Chris Brown. When he saw her, refunded her money and also gave her an extra $10k, along with these beautiful pictures,” social media user Lushotz wrote alongside pictures of the loyal fan.

I’m just here to set the record straight,” the fan says in the video. “What I’m not okay with is strangers on the internet using my face and exploiting my disability for likes and clicks while spreading misinformation. That we not gonna do. Just like everyone else, I support Chris as a brand and as an individual, so if you see me at a show or meet and greet, please know that I paid for my ticket. I paid to get there.”

She says that the rumors take away from how hard she worked to earn money for the ticket and says she and Breezy have had a great relationship for years and this was not the first time they have met.

Breezy’s meet and greets have stirred controversy for years. Another woman recently revealed that she was dumped by her boyfriend over her pictures with the star.

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