Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Roger Bonds Says He Saw The Rapper BEAT Cassie & Kim Porter!!

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Diddy’s former bodyguard, Roger Bonds, says that while working for the mogul, he saw him beat both Cassie and Kim Porter.

Bonds sat down for an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan where he revealed that he was not surprised by the video leaked online of Diddy beating Cassie.

“It didn’t surprise me when I saw it because I’ve seen things of this nature before,” he said. “I’ve gotten in between things of this nature before. This was back in 2012,” Bonds said adding that he witnessed physically assault both Cassie and the late Kim Porter “around four or five times.”

He added, “I’ve seen him get really physical, grab them up. I seen him get into to wrestling and punching matches. Sometimes, I felt like what are you upset about? It’s a deeper anger when you are hitting and punching a woman in that type of manner.”

Bonds was named in the lawsuit filed against Diddy as one of the only people on Diddy’s staff who tried to help her during Diddy’s violent attacks.

Diddy admitted to beating Cassie after the video leaked but fans are upset at his late apology and that he talked about the incident as though it only happened once.

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