Diddy’s ASIAN Baby Mama: I FORGIVE Him For Punching & BEATING Me & Forcing Me To Have Abortions!

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Diddy’s new babys mother Gina Huynh is celebrating being pregnant by billionaire music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. And she’s put behind her many of the ugly details about their past relationship.

Yesterday, Media Take Out broke the news that Gina had coyly announced to the world that she’s pregnant with Diddy’s 6th child. Gina made the announcement while attending Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards. Look:

Now, in past interviews Gina had said that her relationship with Diddy was abusive . She said the billionaire allegedly punched and beat her regularly.

Yesterday Gina confirmed that all the allegations she made against Diddy’s abuse in the past were “true,” but she also claims that he’s a changed man. One commentator tried to call out Gina, and accuse her of lying on Diddy.

Gina responded, “Do you understand that if I lied, why [would Diddy] still f**k with me?”

The pregnant Asian model continued, “People can forgive each other, change behavior, and move on.”

And she ended with, “It’s my life I can do whatever tf I want with it.”


So what is it that Gina accused Diddy of doing to her? Well this is what she said about one occasion:

When we got to the hotel, it got even worse. [Diddy] took one of my heels and tried to throw it at me. He mushed my face like really hard and made my nose bleed.

She continued:

“He was mentally, emotionally, and physically abusing me. He would always compare me to Cassie and tell me that I’m the bad one, and she’s a good one.”

Gina Huynh also accused Diddy of “stomping” her, adding that he would get particularly mad when she flirted with other entertainers, including Meek Mill.

According to Gina, Diddy twice “forced” her to have abortions in the past.

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