Diddy Responds To Severed Diageo Relationship: I Was A PAPER BOY!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Diddy has clapped back after Diageo announced they parted ways with him after their relationship had “broken.”

“I grew up as a paper boy. That means I would go door to door. So that’s the only way I know how to hustle. I’m going to make DeLeón Tequila number one. Because I’m going to get up every morning at six in the morning and I’m gonna go door to door. And, I’m not going to let nothing or nobody stop me. And neither should you. Let’s go,” he said in a promo video posted on his Instagram page.

“I come from New York and I stand behind my product. I was a paper boy. I would go door to door with my hustle. That’s what I’m out here doing. I’m selling a product I believe in. Thank ya’ll for the support. I love ya’ll,” he added.

Diageo terminated its relationship with Sean “Diddy” Combs after being in business with him for roughly 15 years. In the filing, Diageo also said it had given Diddy “notice of intent to arbitrate material breaches of the DeLeon agreement.” DeLeon is the tequila brand that Combs and Diageo have together.

Combs sued Diageo, accusing them of treating him “worse than others because he is Black,” alleging it “typecasted Ciroc and DeLeon, apparently deciding they are ‘Black brands’ that should be targeted only to ‘urban’ consumers.”

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