Diddy Reportedly ‘Keeping His Cool’ Amid Legal Issues

Lyndon Abioye |

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been seen out and about with his children looking unbothered by the lawsuits and federal raids, and according to an insider, he is trusting his legal team to handle everything.

“He’s been in Miami with his children,” an insider told PEOPLE. “It’s a stressful situation for him, but he’s keeping his cool.”

The source added: “He’s not the type to let any drama affect his children. He wants his children to be worry-free and happy. He has trust in his legal team.”

During the raids, Diddy was seen near a private airport in Miami while his sons, Christian and Justin Combs were placed in handcuffs by federal agents and had guns pointed directly at them.

Some social media followers accused Diddy of knowing the feds were on the way and abandoning his children.

“There was a gross overuse of military-level force as search warrants were executed at Mr. Combs’ residences,” Diddy’s attorney Aaron Dyer said in a statement. “There is no excuse for the excessive show of force and hostility exhibited by authorities or the way his children and employees were treated.”

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