Diddy Denies Aubrey O’Day’s Claims He Tried To BUY Her SILENCE

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Diddy has refuted Aubrey O’Day’s claims that he tried to buy her silence by attempting to give her and other artists their publishing rights back.

Aubrey refused to sign. If she had, she would have been paid just $300.30 and would never have been able to speak about Diddy.

“I think he was making moves to keep as many people quiet as possible. When I went to look at the publishing deal, it said anything but I’m being made whole financially again. In fact, it asked me to not have access to my story and my experience anymore. It asked me specifically to stay silent and never speak poorly about a human,” she said in TMZ’s new Tubi documentary, The Downfall of Diddy.

Speaking to TMZ, a representative of Diddy responded to her remarks.

“Aubrey O’Day got her big break because Diddy and Bad Boy cast her in their show with her group, Danity Kane. Last year, when he reassigned his portion of the publishing to Bad Boy artists, an unprecedented move within the industry and which he did not have to do, not all artists signed an NDA, contrary to what she claims,” the said.

According to RadarOnline, the “iron-clad non-disclosure agreement” spans several decades and even extends to “heirs, executors, administrators, representatives…designees, successors and assigns,” and “prohibits workers from talking about him, his family, or business associates and remains in effect ‘for the life of [Diddy] plus 20 years or seventy years, whichever is longer.’”

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