Diddy Allegedly Wanted To “SNUFF” Will Smith Over Jennifer Lopez!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Gene Deal is still spilling the tea on his former boss Diddy and claims the Bad Boy boss wanted to hurt Will Smith after he tried to shoot his shot with Jennifer Lopez…allegedly.

“We were at a birthday party that I think Matt Damon was giving for Ben Affleck. It was just a little gathering at the Four Seasons. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Puff, Will Smith and Jada were sitting on [the other] side of the room,” he says.

“[Puff] stood up. And when he stood up, he walked and did his arms a certain kind of way like [crossing them]. I go over towards him and he said to me, ‘Yo, I think Will and Jada are trying to scoop up Jennifer. I want you to stay close ’cause I’ma snuff him,'” the former Diddy bodyguard continued.

Deal says if it came to it, Will Smith would have probably won the fight.

“That sht was funny,” he says. “He thought that Jada and Will were coming on too strong to Jennifer, making advances.”

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