Diddy Allegedly Tried To Have Doctor ’RIP OUT’ Cassie’s Brand New Implants! (PICS)

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A disturbing new allegation has been released – that Diddy allegedly ordered Cassie’s doctor to rip out her br**st implants, just moments after she had them installed.

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The explosive claim, Media Take Out has learned, is coming from someone affiliated with Diddy and Cassie, and was originally broken by the Daily Mail.

Here’s some of her story:

‘Diddy thought they could go right back into surgery, like now, and take them out.’

‘And Dr. Ryan was like, ”No way,” trying to explain to him that we should wait at least six months to see how it heals because she was just opened up.

‘But Diddy was like, ”No, they’ve got to come out, call who you need to call, they’ve got to come out”.’

The insider continued:

I’ve always been traumatized myself about what I saw,’ the witness told

‘To me, watching this, it was just so cruel, so horrible. She was treated like a rat. It was literally like her voice was snatched and there was nothing she could do, that if she started standing up for herself, she’d be in trouble.

‘She knew to keep quiet and go along with whatever he’s saying.’

Wow, Diddy sounds like an absolute monster.

Here’s what Cassie looked like before the surgery:

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And this is her just a few months after the surgery:

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