Diddy Allegedly Put A Bounty Out On 1999 NYC Nightclub Shooting Victim!!

Lyndon Abioye |

In a recent interview, Natania Reuben, the victim of the infamous Club shooting in New York, says that Sean “Diddy” Combs forced her to flee her home in Brooklyn.

“I was born in Brooklyn [and] I was raised in Brooklyn. I had no intentions of leaving, and probably had this [not] happened, I probably would have never left, but when the District Attorney’s office gets information from one of their confidential informant sources saying that there’s a bag on my head, and I’m calling the District Attorney’s office and I’m calling everybody because I look out my window where I was living in Canarsie, Brooklyn and there’s four, stretched, blacked-out SUVs — I lived on the corner — there’s one on that corner, that corner, one in front of my house, one on the next corner,” she explained in an interview with The Art of Dialogue.

Despite rapper Shyne doing years in prison for her shooting, she says it was Diddy who actually shot her and that Shyne was just the fall guy. Shyne recently corroborated her story.

Natania says she accepted the District Attorney’s offer to move her and her family even though she had businesses she would have to leave behind.

Watch the clip above.

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