Diddy Allegedly BEAT Up Female Assistant Over Cassie & Kid Cudi Relationship

Lyndon Abioye |

Diddy’s former bodyguard Roger Bonds is spilling more tea, this time about the time Cassie dated rapper Kid Cudi.

Bonds says Diddy went through Cassie’s phone and found out about the relationship after Cudi picked up the phone. Diddy tried to confront Cudi at his home…but he wasn’t at the residence at the time.

“I don’t know exactly what he said. I know that he went over to his house and Kid Cudi wasn’t there,” Bonds shared to VladTV.

“At that particular time, after that happened, Cassie wouldn’t come around and then, all of the sudden, Cassie came around and Diddy was upset.”

Bonds says that Diddy beat Cassie after finding out.

He says that Diddy snapped on employee named Capricorn who reportedly knew about the blossoming romance. At the time, Capricorn was one of Diddy’s personal assistants who used to travel with Cassie to her studio sessions.

“He put hands on Capricorn because of that situation. Capricorn ended up leaving and suing him for it. He paid Capricorn $450,000 to keep her mouth shut,” he alleges.

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