DeVon Franklin Cried Himself To Sleep After Meagan Good Divorce

Tiffany Brockworth |

DeVon Franklin confessed that he would cry himself to sleep after his divorce from Meagan Good.

“Mentally, I’m doing much better but the process to that, like, I can sit here before all of you and have this interview and be calm and introspective and all that. But that comes from a process, you know?” he said on The Breakfast Club.

“I mean, there are nights [where] I’m crying myself to sleep,” he added. “There are moments when I’ve been angry, but I’ve allowed myself to feel whatever I felt in order to heal because in my experience when I’m not facing what I’m feeling, then I’m trying to find something else to help me get through the pain.”

Meagan Good is reportedly now dating shamed Hollywood actor, Jonathan Majors. Majors was arrested and charged after allegedly physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend. The actor has consistently denied the allegations but has already lost various deals and even his agents.

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