Desus Nice ROASTS DJ Envy Amid Real Estate Drama

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Desus Nice used his Daily Show appearance during his “who’s laughing now?” segment.

In 2018, DJ Envy fired off on Desus Nice and The Kid Mero when they pulled up to The Breakfast Club for an interview.

Desus did not waste time getting his revenge.

“It’s definitely not funny. There’s certainly nothing personal that makes it funny to me. It’s not like Raashaun accosted me on the radio for making a little joke about him and his wife, which I only thought we were friends,” he said. “It’s not like he called me ‘dickhead’ and then got so mad, he locked himself in the studio for the rest of the show and then told the building security I was a threat. But even if that happened, that’s all in the past.”

DJ Envy has denied being involved in any of the alleged fraudulent transactions with Cesar Pena, and Cesar confirmed that Envy was not part of any of the suspicious transactions.

After showing clips of the past beef, Desus added, “We’re not laughing at this. We’re also not asking, ‘who’s the dickhead now?'” ’m just do”I’mthe news and the news is that DJ Envy’s a DJ…Envy’sn who turns tables, and now, the tables have turned.”

Watch the clip above.

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