Derrick Jaxn’s Wife Forgives Cheating Husband … She PUT A SPELL On All Those Against Her Marriage

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Da’Naia Jaxn, the wife of relationship guru Derrick Jaxn, is fed up and going after those who she claims are “against” her marriage, Media Take Out has learned! The once “at peace” wife made a video to get some things off her chest when it comes to people still having words about her marriage.

Mrs. Jaxn held what she calls a “prayer,” but many on social media are calling it a “spell,” on anyone using her or her husband’s names in mockery, slander, accusations or lies. Her words turned pretty ungodly. 

“May your husbands and wives become widows. Let your children become fatherless. Let your seeds become vagabonds on this earth,” she said. “Let the words of your mouth and the words of your hands, let it be returned back to you. Let it go down your throat and choke you until your days become few on the earth.” 

“The word of God says touch, not my anointed, and do my profits no harm. You’ve been warned,” her fiery words continued.

The fiery response was a drastically different approach than the one Da’Naia took in March 2021, when she sat beside her husband as he confessed to having multiple affairs, The New York Post reported. His confession only came after fans outed his alleged infidelities.

“The truth is Derrick Jaxn was involved with other women outside the marriage,” he said to the camera. “All of it falls under the category of cheating, affairs, stepping out.”

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