Denzel Curry Slams The Grammys

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Rapper Denzel Curry slammed the Grammy nominations after they were revealed on Monday.

Curry believes several rappers who were nominated did not deserve it.

“Glo Rilla Deserves it. But For The Rap Album Category I can literally Name you 10 other albums that were actually good congrats to kdot and push but all that other sh-t come on bruh,” he tweeted. “This sh-t bout money at the end of the day so if that’s what it comes down to I’m going get my bread up. In the words of the Late Great Kimbo Slice Man lemme get ma bread.”

Nicki Minaj did not get nominated. Curry says his album should have been nominated to…but it was not.

He continued: “My Album literally tied with one of the albums that was nominated for a Grammy and I still got robbed. All my homies that came out with Top Notch solid albums this Year Got Robbed. They don’t care about the culture. They only care about building the majors.”

Was he robbed?

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