Deion Sanders: I Recruit Offensive Linemen From 2 Parent Homes… Because They Can Listen To A Man!!

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College football coach Deion Sanders is getting in trouble for some of his latest comments about how he recruits football players.

Deion Sanders

Media Take Out learned that in a recent podcast interview, Deion explained that he prefers to recruit offensive line players ONLY from two-parent households. Deion reasons that he likes offensive lineman to grow up with fathers in the home, because “that means they can listen to a man.”

But Deion thinks differently about recruiting defensive lineman.

Media Take Out learned that Deion prefers to recruit defensive line players who come ONLY from households led by single mothers. The Colorado coach reasoned that, “them kids hungry and willing to work to get they momma out the slums.”


Deion is an American football coach and former player who is the head football coach at the University of Colorado Boulder. Nicknamed “Prime Time”, he played in the National Football League (NFL) for 14 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and Baltimore Ravens. Sanders was also a baseball outfielder for nine seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) with the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, Cincinnati Reds, and San Francisco Giants. He won two Super Bowl titles and made one World Series appearance in 1992, making him the only athlete to play in both a Super Bowl and a World Series.

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