Dee-1 Claims He Was Offered Major Record Deals In Exchange For Homos*xual Acts!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper Dee-1 claims he could have had several major record deals but turned them down because he was asked to take part in homos*xual acts for those deals.

“Bro I’ve had gatekeepers in the music industry who have literally tried to hold a record deal behind their back and let me know like, ‘Look, if you a part of this homosexual act that I’m tryna take part in? Yeah, come on! This door’ll open real quick for you.’ I got a song where I’ve talked about that before called ‘The Devil’s Playground,'” he told Art of Dialogue.

He continued: “This is real, dog. And the only way that type of stuff can work on you is if you let them have all the leverage to where you want what’s behind that gate that bad. So that’s a real thing.”

Dee-1 is a Christian and talked about how his faith has kept him on the right path. Comedian Katt Williams also recently claimed he had turned down major deals in Hollywood because they wanted him to participate in homos*xual acts too.

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