DEATH VIDEO Of Shanquella Robinson LEAKS … She Was ‘Choke Slammed’ … F.B.I. Now Involved!!

Media Take Out Staff |

Media Take Out has been reporting on the mysterious death of 25 year old Shanquella Robinson. She died while on vacation with her friends in Mexico, and the initial report said he died due to alcohol poisoning.

But suspicion arose online, after a video leaked, taken one day before Shanquella’s death – which showed the 25 year old getting badly beaten by a woman in their hotel suite.

Now the situation gets even more suspicious.

Media Take Out learned that a second video popped up on Twitter, which reportedly shows the moment Shanquella Robinson dies, and it appears to show another woman “choke slamming”Shanquilla.

Media Take Out has not been able to authenticate the video, but it is circulating on social media, and it has family and friends of the deceased 25 year old UP IN ARMS.

Robinson, 25, died within 24 hours after arriving in Cabo, Mexico with a group of six “friends.”

The new video – which is going viral on Twitter – shows a woman who appears to be Shanquilla Robinson grabbed by her neck and body slammed to the floor.

Media Take Out learned that the FBI is now investigating Shanquella’s death as a possible homicide.

Shanquella’s father, Bernard, said he believes the second video shows his daughter’s murder. The father, who viewed the new video say Shanquella “stopped moving” after she was body slammed to the floor.

Mexican authorities are also looking into the matter. Initially her death was listed as a result of “alcohol poisoning” but they recently upgraded Shanquella’s case to a homicide investigation. The U.S. State Department, which initially swept the case under the rug, is also now investigating.

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