DC Young Fly BEGS For Safe Return Of Bag w/ Jacky Oh’s Death Certificate Inside

Tiffany Brockworth |

DC Young Fly took to social media to beg for the safe return of a bag he says contained his late partner Jacky Oh’s death certificate.

The comedian’s bag was allegedly stolen at the Hollywood Improv comedy club in Los Angeles.

“I jus want my bag,” he wrote. “Jus politely find a way to get it back to me!!!! I had personal belongings in there!!!!”

He then hopped on Live.

“I really hate that I gotta do all this sh-t,” he said, adding, “the bag got my girl’s death certificate in it. I just need the bag, bruh.”

He later added that the thieves could keep the money but he just wants the certificate back.

“But just don’t throw the bag in the trash,” he said. “Don’t throw the bag on the street. Just drop the bag off discreetly back at the Hollywood Improv and go on ‘bout your business. I get it.”

The bag has not yet been returned.

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