Daz Dillinger Retires From Rap

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West Coast rapper Daz Dillinger has retired from rap.

“IM DONE RAPPIN CUZ ITS OVER FOR ME [fire emoji],” wrote Daz. “IT WAS NICE WHEN IT WAS [fire emoji] BUT ITS NOT FUN NO MORE. SO IMA CALL IT QUITS [100 emoji][thumbs up emoji][red rose emoji] THIS MY LAST POST.”

In September, Daz made headlines after Keefe D, the uncle of Tupac Shakur, said that he had a run-in with Daz Dillinger after the rapper dissed him on a song.

“Snoop, Daz, Kurupt, the whole lil crew [were at the game]. And this lil off-brand Crip acting a goddamn fool. My lil homeboy like, ‘Man, big homie, you want me to noodle his ass?’ I was like, Leave that little b-tch [Daz] alone,” he said.

Keefe ran into Daz after he released a diss track about him.

“I ran into him at this weed spot. It was one way in and one way out. I’m like, ‘Man, you don’t know who I am?!’ He like, ‘Nah, dog.’ ‘I’m Keefe D, muthaf-cka!’ He like, ‘Oh man, I was tripping, man. I was tripping, man. The money had me going crazy,” he said.

Daz Dillinger rose to fame as 1/2 of the Dogg Pound.

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