Dave Chappelle Weighs In On Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

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Dave Chappelle weighed in on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

“Will did the impression of a perfect person for 30 years, and he ripped his mask off and showed us he was as ugly as the rest of us,” Chappelle said at his Liverpool show according to The Telegraph.

“Whatever the consequences are… I hope he doesn’t put his mask back on again, and lets his real face breathe,” Chappelle said, adding “I see myself in both men.”

Chappelle later said, “A lot of people forget who Will Smith is. Then 10 minutes before he was about to get the biggest award… he acted like he was back in Philadelphia.”

Rock also performed at the show, and spoke of the slap. “Did that sh-t hurt? God damn right,” Rock said per Daily Mail. “The motherf-cker hit me over a bullsh-t joke, the nicest joke I ever told.”

Will Smith recently posted an apology video to Rock on Instagram.

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