Dave Chapelle Security DESTROYED Attacker . . . Broke BOTH His Arms Using MMA Moves!! (Graphic)

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Last night Dave Chapelle was attacked on stage during his comedy performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles – but his attacker got the worst of it. Media Take Out has learned that Dave’s security team, who are skilled in MMA, BROKE both of the attacker’s arms as payback.

And video showing the man’s twisted arms has leaked onto social media.

The attacker, a man named Isaiah Lee, has since been charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, NBC Los Angeles reports. The LAPD told the local news that Isaiah was carrying a replica gun that can “eject a knife blade … when you discharge it correctly.”

Luckily Dave is fine. But Media Take Out confirmed that the man who attacked Dave was badly injured.

A person on Twitter shared a video he claims is of the attacker being loaded into an ambulance. Media Take out could not immediately verify whether the man in the video is the same person who tackled Chappelle but if it is, he had more than “superficial injuries,” as reported by NBC Los Angeles.

If you look at how twisted the man’s arms are, after being broken – we’d call those injuries a bit more than ‘superficial.

“Shouldn’t have done that,” a voice can be heard saying to the man on the video.

BuzzFeed News reporter Brianna Sacks also shared the video from Twitter, writing, “Just came out of the Hollywood Bowl where a man charged and tackled Dave Chapelle on stage and got his ass kicked by at least 10 people. LAPD and LAFD are now loading him into an ambulance.”

Brianna added, “The show was just ending when the man hoppped onto stage and ran at Chapelle, form tackling him to the ground. The comedian had literally just said he now has more security because of all the uproar from his jokes about the Trans community. Security et al rushed and started punching and kicking the shit out of Chapelle’s attacker. He was just about to bring on Talib Kweli and Mos Def for the encode and we in the crowd were like what the fuck is going on. Chapelle kept on while the guy was getting beat in the back.”

“What is really surreal about this is that Chapelle talked about Chris Rock and the slap/new reality facing comedians/having more security with him and his wife being worried about him now. He did a whole bit about a crazy man coming to his house and chasing him down in his car. … While the attacker was getting beat up, Chapelle made a joke about him probably being a Trans man.”

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