DaniLeigh Blasts Choreographer Nicole Kirkland Over Prince Claims!!

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Danileigh ripped choreographer Nicole Kirkland who claimed she was hired for Prince’s “Breakfast Can Wait” music video.

Kirkland says Danileigh is taking credit for work that is not hers.

“Prince ain’t hire sh-t!!! He hired ME ! I hired y’all! I picked YALL and gave u the opportunity , you guys were jus selfish and wanted all the credit when u always got ur credit for choreography. I always say I directed it … never claim choreography, it’s on the credits of the video… prince hand picked me , FOUND ME !!! Wanted to give ME the opportunity , wanted to continue to help ME in my career,” she wrote in response.

She continued: “He didn’t continue to use u for future projects because he saw how y’all did ME! That was your first biggest job….but y’all both wanted to be weird and act like I didn’t give you an opportunity of a lifetime, But it’s all good… not really tripping… don’t need a thank u… just next time u see me in person don’t say fake hi to me.. it’s just weird… get ur 15mins u been longing for since 10 years ago.”

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