Dame Dash Says There Was No Fear Of The Jay-Z & Nas Beef Turning Violent

Lyndon Abioye |

Dame Dash says the beef between Jay-Z and Nas was never at risk of turning violent.

Dame appeared on the Moguls in the Making podcast where he was asked about the infamous beef, but Dame says he and Jay were sure the beef would stay on wax.

“There was no fear of us getting hurt when it came to Nas. I’m telling you right now, there was no fear of any violence when it came to that,” sadi Dame.

The beef dates back to 2001 after Jay-Z dropped his Nas diss “Takeover” on The Blueprint. Nas returned fire with the “Stillmatic” track, “Ether.”

“There was no fear when it came to us of any battle that we had when it came to violence. We were never worried about that. Now, ‘Pac and Biggie, n-ggas got killed. But n-ggas get killed in Hip Hop now. They be battling and then they end up dead. It’s a little more serious now.”

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