Dame Dash Reveals He Turned Down Offer To Produce ‘Soul Plane’ & Shades Kevin Hart

Tiffany Brockworth |

Dame Dash revealed he was once asked to produce Snoop Dogg’s movie, Soul Plane, but turned it down.

Soul Plane starred the West Coast rapper and Kevin Hart early on in his career.

“They had asked me to produce Soul Plane and I got offended because I don’t like white people making money off making fun of us,” he said to Math Hoffa.

Math replied, “I could never feel comfortable sitting in a movie theater watching people laugh at us.”

Dame also went off on Kevin Hart. Dame says he helped discover Hart and that Hart refuses to support him publicly.

“Anyone who interviews Kev, and he’ll say it: Dame put me in my first movie. [Ask him] why you won’t post his sh-t? I wouldn’t braid another man’s hair on a billboard. I don’t care if it’s Will Ferrell. He has done things that I didn’t raise him to do but he has a different kind of comedy.

“I’m not judging him, I’m just saying: repost my sh- t! I was never mad at him for doing anything he’s done that I wouldn’t do, and I’m not mad at him now. But it would be nice if anyone of y’all muthafuckas I put on would post my sh-t.”

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