Dame Dash Blames Lyor Cohen For Roc-A-Fella Split

Lyndon Abioye |

Dame Dash says record executive Lyor Cohen is the reason Jay-Z stopped being his business partner.

“He’s the person that told Jay, ‘I’ll do a deal with you or without Dame Dash or “Biggs”‘ and he’s the one that advised him based on what Steve Stoute told me and based on what Irv Gotti told me that was like, ‘Yo, why would you split it three ways if you could just do it yourself,'” Dame said on his podcast.

Lyor was asked about Dame’s remarks in an interview with Drink Champs. He denied Dame’s version of events. “If Lyor was the reason, then they never were really together in the first place. Mic drop,” he said…and Dame agrees.

“I think he’s right on that but I do think there could have been more of an elaborate answer. Are you the one that showcased that? Did you give him the option? Did you push him to make him aware what he could do and that what you would support? Did you give him the idea to do that? Did you violate and have meetings behind his back? So when that meeting happened when Dame was yelling who made that meeting? It’s a tape of it and me being mad at that meeting. Those are questions I think should be asked. And people want to know it’s the elephant in the room so why ignore it, you know? Like why wouldn’t people ask? So that bothers me when Jay gets on an interview and when Lyor gets on the interview and people don’t ask the questions that they ask me. If you never ask me that question, I’m fine. But because y’all continuously ask me these questions. How come when they get in front of a camera and y’all don’t ask them?”

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